A Perfect Time to Redefine Yourself

Springtime is an exciting time of the year. The birds are singing perfect harmonies, the squirrels are chasing their boo up and down the trees, and people are doing their best to look their sexiest for a potential companion – no one wants to be lonely, right? Why? Because its mating season, of course. It’s the best time of the year for Mother Nature and all species alike.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has everyone’s mind warped into thinking about nothing else. Mother Nature has taken its course in 2020 except for the human species. Those with respiratory and other health issues have a good reason to pay close-attention to the warnings; however, for the rest of us, do we really need to be drained with all of the conspiracy theories, so-called expert debates, and whatever else the news media is using to scare us shitless?

Now is the perfect time to redefine yourself. Allowing the news to determine your future isn’t an ideal situation. Positive self-image psychology is what we truly need to be exercising – it’s a matter of life and death. Of course, we need to take the pandemic seriously, but that doesn’t mean you need to beat your subconscious and conscious mind with it. Life as we know it will never be the same so we might as well prepare for the new normal by strategizing and planning.

Signs We Are Brainwashed by the Coronavirus Media Blitz:

1) No one knew how to spell quarantine but all of a sudden, the entire world does.

2) The first words of our conversations are about Covid-19.

3) Can’t drink Corona beer anymore (just kidding).

The point that I’m attempting to make is that we have to have dominion of our mind – not the news, social media, or our schools. The mind is the most powerful tool that we all have. We must have control over mind or someone else will.

Visualization, Affirmation, and Meditation on the good you desire are the keys to creating positivity in your life. The experts have talked most of us stir crazy right into a mental recession and government submission. It would be foolish not to consider the possibility of pernicious motives for the creation of the current virus of today and the future. Disinvest in listening to the virus mavens and place quality time into investing on your future. The panic has snowballed over the past few days thanks to the media’s panic strategy. This goes to show that we don’t have dominion over our own minds.

Best Things To Do – 5 Ways to Maximize Your Quarantine Time:

1. Spring Cleaning
2. Reading & Writing
3. Organize – Plan, Plan, and Plan
4. Exercise
5. Prayer & Mediation

This situation will tell you a lot about yourself and society as a whole. Does your job define you? Do your finances define you? Or does your spirit and mental strength define you? See where I’m going with it? Your mental and spiritual powers are infinite, and most importantly, once you’re conscious of this fact, it cannot be controlled by the media, the market, or any other entity. Positivity is the key to living a good life filled with peace of mind, manifestation of your dreams, and love from love – true balling.

Whatever you want to be, want to have, and want to do can be done. Define Yourself As The One That Is Doing That. People are dying, unfortunately, so I am not making light of this fact. People die everyday; don’t leave this earth without doing your best.  I just can’t stand it anymore to see people mentally abused and completely controlled by this propaganda monster, and I hope that my inspirational and historical-based videos goes against the status quo. My book The Winner in the Mirror – Activating Your Superpowers: Mind, Body, and Spirit couldn’t come soon enough.

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Article Written by: Brother King Kevin Dorival, an author, mentor, and filmmaker.

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