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The Winner In The Mirror

This book serves as a guide of light to your greater self. The Winner in the Mirror – Activating Your Superpowers: Mind, Body, and Spirit is about the ancient secrets to WINNING that were and still applies in the 21st century. See yourself as extraordinary like the late great General Toussaint Louverture leader of the successful Haitian Revolution 1790; the first and only time in world history that the enslaved (mentally, physically, and financially) rebelled and created their own country—Mission Impossible made possible through self-will and uncompromising focus. Perfect read for those that desire more out of life. Tired of mediocracy. Get this book!

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7 Types Of Queens, Kings Desire

7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire is a compare and contrast of ancient queens with women of today. As a self-help/interpersonal relationship book it serves as a mirror, written to awaken you with real power and knowledge of self – Reclaim Your Throne!

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The Courage To Believe

Fighting against the U.S. Army was one of the toughest challenges faced,  and I won. Triumph. Determined to graduate from college despite pressure from the street life, police harassment, and nearly homeless. Victory. Rejected by Corporate America,  so I created my own trailblazing path into the business world. Perseverance. The Courage to Believe: Never Give UP is a true story, [inspirational autobiography] told by Brother King Kevin Dorival.

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Kevin Dorival

Author, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist

Brother King Kevin Dorival, African-Haitian, entrepreneur, philanthropist, two-time author, and is considered an up and coming change-agent. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in marketing.