7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire

Every woman is a queen, but what type of queen do you think you are:

  • Spiritual Queen, Warrior Queen, Wise Queen, Serving Queen, Sexy Queen, Cooking Queen, Queen of Faith

7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire is a compare and contrast of ancient queens with women of today. As a self-help/interpersonal relationship book it serves as a mirror, written to awaken you with real power and knowledge of self – Reclaim Your Throne!

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7 Types of Queens is a must read before investing time in a long-term relationship and marriage. This book was written to re-awaken the greatness in our queens by studying the Mother Gods, Goddesses, and True Queens of ancient past and today. Whether you are single or married – this book will enlighten and empower you for eternity. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama wrote the author about being featured 7 Queens in 2017. Its packed with interesting historical facts. Need more convincing? Click here to Download a FREE BookSample: 7 Types of Queens Book Sample.

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Warriors & Gentlemen, 7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire is coming soon! 7/2021.

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