The Courage To Believe

Fighting against the U.S. Army was one of the toughest challenges faced,  and I won. Triumph.

Determined to graduate from college despite pressure from the street life, police harassment, and nearly homeless. Victory.

Rejected by Corporate America,  so I created my own trailblazing path into the business world. Perseverance.

The Courage to Believe: Never Give UP is a true story, [inspirational autobiography] told by Brother King Kevin Dorival.

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“I realized that the odds were against me to escape death and prison, so I made a conscious decision to fight for my life or become another statistic. I finally began using my words to change my world.” A quote from my book, The Courage to Believe (C2B). This isn’t just an inspirational book, but it is also a stage play, mentoring organization, and now a documentary. I wrote this book because I was compelled to help others gain courage, confidence, and to help people avoid making my mistakes. On the same note to assist people like you enjoy the same victories. Get an inside glimpse of my world during the good, the bad, and the fantastic!

Brother King Kevin Dorival is a mentor, writer, motivational speaker, and film producer. Mr. Dorival has been a marketing director and business consultant for the past ten years. He travels around the world in between volunteering in urban communities whenever he can getaway.

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The Story

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The Heroes

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